Brian is smart, hard-working, and serving for the right reasons. He’s exactly the sort of person we need on our City Council.


Brian Spencer has tirelessly attended to both our city’s challenges and opportunities. His is a voice of reason.”


I became a friend of Brian Spencer when he and the volunteers from his running group showed up to clean the A Street cemetery almost four years ago. He recruited the volunteers and then provided all the equipment to get the job done. He’s a fine man, and I’ve supported him ever since.


Long before he was elected to the City Council, Brian showed an unmatched commitment to make Pensacola a better place to live. We support Brian because he has the vision, skill and experience to move our city forward.


Brian Spencer did not come to this neighborhood looking for votes. He came building relationships. I count Brian as a friend. I believe he can continue to push toward a better Pensacola for us all.


Brian generously gave of his time and talents to help us put our vision of an expanded day care center along with a back yard pavilion and walking path into a reality. His architectural expertise and renderings of this vision enabled us to earn the funding and build ‘The Retreat.’

John B. Clark

I enthusiastically support the reelection of Brian Spencer to the Pensacola City Council. He has been a tireless proponent and architect of the rebirth of our downtown, but more than that has been a faithful supporter of what is most dear to my own heart, Veterans Memorial Park. It was Brian who christened the Park our ‘Jewel on the Bay’ and he has been faithful and steadfast in its support.

Jack Brown

Brian Spencer is a great supporter of our youth and his dedication and commitment to the Belmont Youth Band is only one example. He is an asset to the people of Pensacola.


Brian Spencer realizes that every neighborhood matters and we must work together to bring much needed improvements to our city. The success we have seen over the last four years with Brian in office have been amazing.

Melanie A. Nichols

I admire Brian Spencer for his involvement in promoting the education of our future leaders by so generously investing in scholarships to help further their education.

Eloise Shuford