What made me decide to run for Pensacola City Council District 6?

Spencer Campaign VolunteersI am frequently asked why I decided to run for reelection. It is an easy question to answer. I have been a lifelong area resident and I believe in the future of Pensacola. I believe that with my experience, dedication and commitment, I can continue to make a positive difference. I remain committed to making our neighborhoods safe, clean, more accessible and vibrant for our current and future residents. I am committed to using my leadership and business skills to improve our job market, our public safety, and our community as a whole. I am running for our future. I am running to represent people such as:

  • Eloise Shuford and other community leaders like her, who ensure everyone has access and opportunity to succeed and prosper in Pensacola
  • Scholarship winners Theamad Thomas, Kaylyn Neal and Aaliyah Mays to ensure they get the support they need to achieve their personal dreams and goals
  • The many talented, small business owners like Scott Fisher who help make Pensacola and District 6 a better place to live, work and play
  • Local corporate employees like Veronica Dias, so their companies have reason to stay in our local market and provide employment opportunities to Pensacola residents
  • Military leaders, like retired U.S. Navy Vice Admiral Jerry Unruh and Rear Admiral Paul Tobin who collaborate to ensure the Pensacola area has a voice in Washington D.C., and that the military continues to invest in the Pensacola community
  • You!

Vote for me and together, we can continue to move Pensacola forward with vision and with action!

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